JSL Blog | Is Having a Will Important?

Is Having a Will Important?


The Wills Estates and Successions Act governs what happens to your property, cash and any assets left behind after your death. In legal terms, if you die without a will, you have died “intestate.” It is always a good idea to make a will, even if you are young and healthy. If you die without a will, it can have many negative repercussions for your family.

Costly litigation often occurs after someone has passed away without a will. The best way to protect the interests of your family and yourself is to draft a will and make sure it is kept up to date. It will protect those you care for and provide for them should you pass away.

The lawyers at Jabour Sudeyko Lucky can help you if you need. We will work with you to ensure that your will reflects your wishes. If the importance of making a will is overlooked, it may lead to the distribution of your estate in a way that is not what you would have liked.

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