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How Much is My ICBC Claim Worth?


Frequently, we are asked, “How much is my ICBC claim worth?” The answer depends on several factors.
ICBC claims, much like the person injured in the accident, are unique, and no formula can be used to determine the value of a claim. Instead, we look at the unique circumstances of the accident and the person harmed, in order to assist in determining the value of a claim.

We consider such factors as:

1. The impact the accident has had on your everyday enjoyment of life
2. How the accident may have affected your ability to work
3. Medical documents provided to us by your doctors that show your injuries
4. How long your doctors believe it will take you to recover
5. Whether you might be forced into early retirement or a change of careers
6. Whether your injuries are chronic and may be permanent
7. The costs of any counselling or rehabilitation services you have used because of the accident
8. The cost of any services such as cleaning or home maintenance you have used because of the accident

The impact of injuries sustained in car accidents can vary greatly. You may recover after a few months of rehabilitation, or you may be affected for the rest of your life. At Jabour Sudeyko Lucky, we will work with you to make sure your injuries are treated with respect. You are not just a client – you are our client.

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