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How Do I apply For a Pardon?


If you were convicted of an offence several years ago, but you abide by the terms of your sentence and have stayed out of trouble, you might wish to try to apply to have your criminal record cleared.

The Parole Board of Canada is the organisation responsible for record suspensions. The RCMP will seal your criminal record upon notification that a record suspension has been granted by the Parole Board of Canada.

Recently, the government changed the process for pardons, and they are now called “record suspensions.” In order to apply for a record suspension, you must make an application to Parole Board of Canada. As part of your application, some of the following factors are considered:

1. The date of your conviction
2. The offence you were convicted of
3. Whether you have been convicted of more than one offence
4. Your behaviour in the community after you conviction

Even driving infractions such as speeding or driving without a license can impact on your ability to receive a record suspension. For you best chance of success, you must be on your best behaviour.

Most people will be able to apply for a record suspension without the need to hire a lawyer, and you can find the necessary forms and guides online. Be aware of anyone charging high fees for this service, as with a little research and time, you should apply to make the application on your own.

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