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What is a Peace Bond?


Sometimes, the prosecutor may offer to drop a charge against you (a “stay of proceedings”) if you agree to enter into a peace bond.

A peace bond is not a criminal conviction. It is a restraining order under section 810 of the Criminal Code that prevents you from doing certain things such as:

  1. Not having contact with certain people
  2. Not going to a certain location

Generally, it will last for one year, and assuming there are no breaches during that year, that would be the end of it. It does not result in a criminal record, but it is an entry in your file. It does not require a guilty plea, but an acceptance of responsibility for your involvement in what happened.
Although a peace bond does not result in a criminal record, a breach of any of the terms of the peace can result in a permanent criminal record. A peace bond could also show up on certain criminal record checks and could affect your employment or ability to travel or your immigration status.
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