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Disputing Traffic Tickets


Should I Dispute My Traffic Ticket?

When people receive a traffic violation ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act (i.e. for speeding or being on their phone), they often assume that their best course of action is to pay the ticket and move on. This is not your only option. Drivers should strongly consider disputing their tickets for a number of reasons, especially with the newly increased penalties for “distracted driving”.

Reasons to Dispute Your Ticket:

  1. Once you dispute your ticket you do not have to prove you are innocent; the police officer has to prove you are guilty
  2. Fines and penalty points have recently increased dramatically for distracted driving tickets - on your first infraction you could end up paying $543.00
  3. Paying a ticket means you have admitted you are guilty of the offence.
  4. A violation will be added to your driving record and may impact your ability to get certain jobs in the future or even be granted a pardon
  5. Some tickets will result in penalty points which may increase your car insurance costs
  6. If you receive too many penalty points, you could have your license suspended

The process for disputing a ticket is simple, and once a ticket is disputed the police have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt at a hearing that you are guilty of the offence. Having an experienced trial lawyer who knows the law surrounding motor vehicle offences can give you a significant advantage over the police officer who will be on the other side. A lawyer can also negotiate with the police on your behalf to try to get the ticket reduced or withdrawn before a hearing, even if you do not have a strong case.

If you have received a traffic ticket, you should contact a lawyer within 30 days to file a dispute on your behalf. The experienced lawyers at Jabour Sudeyko Lucky would be happy to meet with you to discuss your case.

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