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What Is A Hear The Child Report?


The British Columbia Hear the Child Society is a non-profit organisation that gives children the opportunity to share their views and have them considered when their best interests have been decided in the Family Justice System. Trained professionals who are neutral to the process will interview children and provide written reports with respect to the child’s views in Family Law disputes. The interviewer does not assess the child who is being interviewed or evaluate the child’s parents but provides a report that is close to a verbatim account of what the child had to say. These reports can then be used by parties to a Family Law dispute to move towards agreements or resolutions hopefully.

Generally, these reports are appropriate for children between the ages of 8 and 18, and the reports can be used by lawyers, judges, parents or mediators.

The cost of these reports are determined by the report writer and discussed with the parties ahead of time. Low-income families may be eligible for financial assistance with obtaining these reports.

For more information on a hear the child report, please contact our office, and our Family Law lawyers would be pleased to speak with you. For further information, please visit BC Hear the Child Society’s website.